2018.11.01 Quick Update – John Rowse

Songea – First week of November

Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers.  Asha is still not well though a little better, but the first of her final Form 6 exams is on Friday.

I’m with Pentecostals of different brands this week back in Masasi. The first day has gone SO well, but tomorrow and Friday comes to the big grace question and that could reverse today’s honeymoon!

The seminars with pastors of mixed churches on the heavily-white-gown-and-skull-cap-and-black-beard sea coast went well both in Mtwara (on the Mozambique border) and north of that in Lindi, although we had a couple of tough customers in Lindi – by the end one of them had softened up.

Monday I was with the staff of an absolutely fantastic farmer-training initiative teaching dry-land, conservation farming to help both locals and would-be tentmakers. Wonderfully non-confrontational. Very strategic especially if the Chen staff can get the message more clearly themselves. So we had a ball. Please pray for safety for all involved. The godly couple who’ve set it all up is passionate about grace and will need a lot of backing in this extremely hot, very challenging area.

Next week, after a couple of days back in Songea, with Lutherans, again I’ll start the last two legs of the journey back to Mbeya. So now, after the 1500 k’s to the coast, I’m retracing my steps. The car is going well – just had to get the muffler welded back together and a new battery. One little challenge is that I lost my glasses, but one eye does quite well.

Thanks for praying!