John Rowse – November Update 2019

RowseDear friends,

Do give thanks that all is well back home! Do pray for Kay and all.

Please remember not to send any more donations to the Browns Plains account after the end of this month. PLEASE be praying about this!

I’m in Songea right now in the far south of Tanzania, near Mozambique. I’ve just had a marvellous time on the way back from Tabora, where I think I last left you. Please be praying for students at the following Bible schools, who have all now been exposed to a new message:

  • Kiomboi (Lutheran), out of Singida (this was a revisit);
  • Kilimatinde (Anglican), between Singida and Dodoma;
  • Ibihwa (Anglican);
  • A Lutheran Bible School for Masaai and other nomadic herdsmen, north of Iringa.

Please also pray for the diocesan staff of Iringa Lutheran Diocese who had two brief sessions with me. Their new bishop is very excited and I’m booked for a big seminar next March with all their pastors and evangelists. This is a big Thank-you point!

Pray, too, for about 35 Lutheran ‘evangelists’ who got the news last week in Mbeya – arranged by Pr Mwambola.

Now here is the coming programme, starting with a five hour journey, with a big load of books and food in the Land-rover, to the coast of Lake Nyasa. I’m sorry, I’ve been doing this with my phone and then an internet cafe, so I can’t give you pictures or a map. The first four centres are on the coast of the lake. For six weeks now, I will be with extremely ‘high’ Anglicans. This is the heartland of UMCA, where the Anglican church was planted by Anglo-catholic missionaries.

Please be praying. Thanks for being with us

Oct 28 Travel to Lituhi.
29 Oct – Nov. 2 (Sat):
Pastors & other leaders 8am – 2pm
Oct 29 – Nov 1 (Fri):
All Christians 2pm – 5pm
6pm – Travel to Mkila

Sunday Nov 3 Preaching morning
Afternoon: teaching – all Christians
Nov 4 – 7: 8am – 2pm- pastors and other leaders
2pm – 5pm – all Christians ya tarehe

LIULI: Nov 8 – 12:am pastors &
pm All Christians
(Nov 10 am: Preaching &
pm: All Christians)

Nov 13 – 18 am Pastors &
pm All Christians
(Nov 17 am Preaching &
pm All Christians)

19-20 Seminar for Synod members before synod.
21-22 ?

MBINGA: Nov 23-28
Nov 24: am: Preaching
pm: All Christians
Nov 25-28 am: Pastors
pm: All Christians

KWAMBE: (Mozambique border)
Nov 29 – Dec 4
am: Pastors
pm: All Christians
(Dec 1 am: Preaching & pm: All Christians)

am: Pastors
pm: All Christians
(Dec 8 am Preaching &
pm All Christians)