Plummet the Prayer

Everyone knows about “the Lord’s Prayer” but few have plummeted the treasures hidden behind the simple words our Lord Jesus used to teach us to pray. Take some time to listen to all of the messages and your prayer life will be greatly enriched.

André Schwartz - April 14, 2019



This morning, Pr André Schwartz will preach from Psalm 32:1-2 and Mat 6:9-13 on the theme, "Forgive." Ever been in debt? It's hard to admit that you need to repay it, and you only really feel good once you do. But what about a debt to God? How do we get out of that one? What does, "Forgive us our debts" really mean? And ouch, what about the frightening condition attached: "…as we forgive our debtors?” Let's look at the implications this Sunday Morning. Don't miss it.

Scripture References: Matthew 6:9-13, Psalms 32:1-2

From Series: "The Lord's Prayer"

The Lord's prayer, while reflecting how Jesus prayer, is really a guide on how we should pray. The motivation for prayer and what we should pray about are clearly explained but there are depths to this prayer that need to be sounded out. Follow this series closely and God will teach you many precious lessons.

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