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John Rowse – Back in Africa (Oct. 2019)

Saturday, 12 October 2019 Dear friends, Thank you for praying. After a wait, the new tour finally began coming together quite suddenly; a cheap flight came up and I’m in Africa again. Family First of all, please pray for Timothy who had three serious seizures this week. They have done a number of tests and […]

Lucinda & ParaMarcia News – Oct. 2019

“Pray That we Might Know How the Lord Wants Us to Continue Helping the people of Timor Leste” Dear Friends, We need your partnership in prayer as we pray and wait on the Lord to know His plans for us as we move forward and continue to demonstrate His incredible love in action by helping […]

Young in Heart – Reminiscing

    Memories – Recognise Anyone? What’s Your Age? What age is too old to be young at heart? Well, I guess “young at heart” has no age limits because you can’t see inside to test it out. I imagine that the meter to test the youngness would be the “Joy Scale” of just wanting […]

Lucinda’s News –

Another three months have almost gone since my arrival back in Timor.  On 16 September Josete (from Brazil), who has been joining the fortnightly ministry trips to Weberek since November last year, and I will fly to Balito to renew our visas. We will be joined by Marilia on Monday night; she’s a Brazilian Nurse […]

Why did Paul write Galatians?

Why did Paul write Galatians? Friends in Danger! If you had led someone to Jesus and they were going well, but suddenly the JW’s or the Mormons started teaching them a different way of salvation would you just sit around and hope they didn’t go down that road? I’m sure you wouldn’t. You’d be up […]

PIM – Special Week of Prayer

PIM Day of prayer Thank you for participating in PIM’s day of prayer. You are free to organise the day any way you see fit, but here are some passages to pray through and reflect on and some specific prayer points to get you started. Find a quiet place, alone and read these slowly and […]

Lucinda Windeatt and Casa Vida

Dear Friends, For those of you not yet aware, I would like to introduce you to the Christian Organisation, Casa Vida in Dili, Timor Leste. Casa Vida was founded in 2008 to address and respond to the needs of children who are victims of physical, emotional & sexual abuse. Casa Vida provides safe and secure […]

What Were Early Christians Like?

The Epistle to Diognetes, c. AD 130 Here is a gem we are most fortunate to have as only one copy survived the centuries. We do not know who wrote it. It came from the second century. It was, as the New Testament, originally written in Greek. In this brief excerpt, we have preserved a […]