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The Frustrations of a Missionary (Part 1)

Missionaries! Frustrated? Missionaries aren’t supposed to get frustrated, are they? Aren’t they – like Pastors – a class apart that is exempt from normal human emotions? Rest assured, they are human and they do get frustrated. What are some of the main reasons? 1. The local people’s complex language and strange ways of thinking and […]

John Rowse (update) – April 2017

Dear friends, Praises in Uganda Thankfully I am safely in Kasese in SW Uganda, with thanks to the use of a vehicle of Mission Aviation Fellowship – so no ghastly bus trip this time! Some of the youth fellowship at the cathedral parish of St Paul’s here were convinced yesterday, including one girl who confessed […]

John Rowse – Uganda April 2017

April 21, 2017 – Quick Update. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for your praying, especially for the Easter UKWATA conference. The turnout exceeded the organizers’ expectations – around 500. Because they were late in starting and the programme was tight, they cut me back by one session. But, from talking to the youth after the […]

My Father’s Voice

A Voice from Africa A missionary with years of experience in Chad, Africa, writes, “During our years in Chad we received cassette tapes (that shows how old we are!) of services from our home church. One day I sat down to listen to a service which had been recorded several weeks before. As I listened […]

John Rowse – March 2017

Dear praying friends, Thank you all for your continued backing. This spell home has been a great time with the family, plus overhauling the English version of the course-book. Tomorrow (Thursday 17/03) I head back again to Tanzania. God-willing, I should be in Australia next in the second week of June, in time for my […]