John Rowse Update – June 2018

Dear praying friends,

Needed – The patience of Job

Warm greetings from Bushenyi in Western Uganda. I moved here Tuesday from Ibanda, 2 hrs north, after spending two weeks with the ‘Church of Uganda’ (Anglican) Diocese of NW Ankole. The main work I had come for, teaching pastors, was a disappointing time. We had agreed with them that it be moved a week earlier, when the local church Secondary school’s dorms would be free to House the pastors. However that meant the bishop could not be there, and so, with the cat away the mice played. Only half turned up. Big guns such as the archdeacons and the dean of the cathedral were largely absent. Many of those who came strolled up hours late. Some poor old men in their forties could not not see out an hour before attending the little office in the grass up the hill! And they would casually dawdle back. Others disappeared for other urgent calls on their cell phones! On top of that, the time was cut by more than half, because everything had to be translated.

All the Same, it’s not in Vain…

I would estimate that a good dozen grasped the gospel. When the bishop got back he was NOT impressed by their behavior, but he encouraged me by reminding me that Jesus just began with a dozen.But then the real action started, with shorter, very responsive sessions with youth, ‘lay readers’, the girls’ Secondary school, two very lively sessions with a ‘fellowship’ group, and two sessions on Parenting as a lead-in to the gospel, with two delightfully open and teachable groups, a women’s group and the ‘Father’s Union’.

So far, here, in Bushenyi, I have had two nice Bible studies with those in the bishop’s office yesterday and today with staff of a church clinic. Later today (Friday), I have half an hour with another girls’ school with 1700 students, and I will have twice as long with their voluntary Scripture Union group tomorrow night (Saturday 9th June). Please be praying for all this – plus Sunday preaching at All Saints’ Church, here in town.

Persevere in Prayer Please

But the big one is next week. About 130 (or half that ?!!) pastors are gathering here and I should have three days with them … er, hopefully! PLEASE PRAY.

Pray also for the Moravian theological students taught four weeks ago back in Mbeya, Tanzania, and for the Lutheran pastors from around the eastern side of Mbeya City. I was with them for morning Bible studies two Thursdays running, and it was surprisingly tough going. Pray for my old friend Mwambola, who is the senior, or district, pastor there, as he has some tough customers to work with.

Please keep praying, to, for Kay and Asha, Rebecca and Philip and their families.

Thank-you SO much for being behind us!