John Rowse Update – May 2018

Dear praying friends,

I now have a few more details from Uganda for you on the coming programme there.

Presbyterian Theological Students

But firstly, the time with the Presbyterian theological college students in Dar was good fun. The students were nice and responsive. Most had grasped justification on my last visit in January, but the detailed work we did in Romans 1 to 8, seemed to answer the remaining doubts and questions – especially one young man who had been quite resistant last time.

Moravian Theological Student

Here, in Mbeya, we had a really great time with the Moravian theological students, where I have been welcomed with open arms by Dr Mwenilongole, who is becoming a great ally, backing me up 100% each time, while the bishop of the Moravians shut the door some time back to me working with their radio station. Still, we shall see! The second session, though, had to be cancelled because special guests came to the college – that’s Africa.

Lutheran Pastors

The session had last week with the Lutheran pastors from Mbeya city was a challenge, since a number of them were a long way behind even in their understanding of some of the basics, but they seemed to come round. Others, though, had clearly remembered our big conference for all pastors in the diocese way back in 2004, and the District Pastor, of course, Mwambola, was right onside which was a huge help.  I have the second session later this morning (Thursday, May 17), which should wrap it up.

Lutheran Churches

Weekends have been fun, with preaching in two different Lutheran churches – each of their two morning services packed, as usual – and “fellowship groups” in the afternoons. The last one of those, at Isanga Lutheran Church, was quite hard going until, right near the end, a number of them started to catch on. Do pray especially for their leader who is not quite their, yet. The gospel is SO SO far away from everything they have previously been led to believe. And please pray for Mwambola. He is the one, you may recall, who convinced that troublesome Anglican bishop of justification by faith alone.

Grace Clinic – Anglicans in Uganda

Saturday afternoon I fly to Dar. Hopefully, Sunday I’ll be with Baptists. Early Monday morning (May 21), I fly to Entebbe, Uganda. I’ll be collected by a car from the NW Ankole Diocese (Church of Uganda – which is what the Anglicans call themselves there). That night the pastors and school chaplains gather for a three-day “Grace Clinic”. Do please be praying especially for that. Pray for Bishop Amos Magezi and his team as they make all the arrangements.

I will have two weeks in that diocese, working with different groups, including students fellowship groups, which could be quite a challenge. Ankole was one of the centres of the old East African Revival. Since then the Keswick movement, which came in (from the UK) on the back of that revival is very much alive, so we may encounter some strong resistance. More recently, its cousin, neo-Pentecostalism, has ridden strongly into almost all churches.

Monday, June 4th, I travel by road to the centre of the West Ankole diocese. Here, Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni and his team are preparing a three-week programme. This is a much larger diocese – the main ‘Grace Clinic’ there, starting June 11 evening and finishing June 14 (pastors departing June 15) will involve over 130 pastors. They have work planned for me with all sorts of other groups as well.

June 25 – India and Home

I fly back to Dar, Monday, June 25, and then June 28 travel to India for 10 days, meeting with some friends there to learn from them, encourage them, and help them be clear on the message. Then it’s back home.

Thank you for praying.