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André Schwartz - September 30, 2018

God Exposes Sin Because He Loves

God Exposes Sin Because He Loves

This morning Pr André Schwartz will share God’s Word from Isaiah 28-29 on the theme, “God Exposes Sin Because He Loves.” Why would you bother to go to someone to talk a difficult issue? To correct something wrong? I believe it’s because we care. And the more we care, the more willing we are to tackle the really hard issues. In Isaiah 28 and 29, God exposes sin and actually spells out why He's going to break Israel and Judah. It’s because He cares; he loves His people. So come this Sunday morning, prepared to be exposed, broken and built up by God.

Scripture References: Isaiah 28:1-29, Isaiah 29:1-24

From Series: "Book of Isaiah"

Isaiah, more than any other prophet in the Old Testament reveals Christ in all his beauty, power, suffering and victory.

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