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André Schwartz - October 7, 2018

Judgement, Grace and Joy in God

Judgement, Grace and Joy in God

This morning Pr André Schwartz will share on the theme “Judgement, Grace and Joy in God” (Part 1) from Isaiah 30-35. Ever read Pollyanna? She always played the “glad game”, pretending that even the worst situation was good. What about the reality of God’s judgement? Are we trying to play the “glad game’ about that? Yes, the Bible is not all about hell, fire and brimstone… but there is a persistent smell of sulphur right through. God wants to make us feel sobered and astonished, and find real joy in the journey through these chapters - sobered that judgement is real and immanent, astonished at His grace and to then experience joy in Him.

Scripture References: Isaiah 30:1-33, Isaiah 35:1-10, Isaiah 34:1-17, Isaiah 33:1-24, Isaiah 32:1-20, Isaiah 31:1-9

From Series: "Book of Isaiah"

Isaiah, more than any other prophet in the Old Testament reveals Christ in all his beauty, power, suffering and victory.

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