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André Schwartz - October 21, 2018

Living for a Sovereign God (1)

Living for a Sovereign God (1)

This morning Pr André Schwartz will share on the theme “Living for a Sovereign God” from Isaiah 36-39. Isaiah is all about… God! You guessed it. A God who judges and saves, dispenses justice and lavishes grace, rules creation and His people, and wants them to live with joy in Him. At least, that's what Isaiah 1 to 35 taught us so well. In chapters 36 to 39, the focus shifts from God the sovereign King to Hezekiah the human king who gets it so right once and so wrong twice. He is indeed a model to us all on how to live, or NOT to live for a sovereign God. How do you live?

Scripture References: Isaiah 36:1-22, Isaiah 37:1-38, Isaiah 38:1-22, Isaiah 39:1-8

From Series: "Book of Isaiah"

Isaiah, more than any other prophet in the Old Testament reveals Christ in all his beauty, power, suffering and victory.

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