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André Schwartz - January 6, 2019

The Chief Cornerstone

The Chief Cornerstone

This evening Pr André will preach from Psalm 118 on the theme, “The Chief Cornerstone”. In newspapers or trivia books you often find those annoying pictures: “Spot the difference!" Start searching and you can't stop - at least, I can't. Reading Psalm 118, Luke 19-24 followed by Luke's second book, Acts, we are compelled to play “Spot the difference.” This evening we will do just that, and also consider the implications for our lives…here and now. Why not come along and try to spot the differences yourself, and see the implications?

Scripture References: Psalms 118:1-29

From Series: "Messianic Psalms"

The New Testament often quotes the Psalms in reference to various aspects of the life of Christ. Many of these are prophecies of eventy in His life.

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