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André Schwartz - March 10, 2019

...Who is in Heaven

...Who is in Heaven

This morning Pastor André will preach from Deut 4:32-40; Isa 66:1-2; Matt 6:9-13 on the theme, "...Who is in Heaven." As we continue to consider the Lord’s prayer bit by bit, we see that after the great comfort expressed for us in the two words “Our Father,” we are immediately given a qualifier, “… who is in heaven”. What does this even mean? Is there any comfort or underlying exhortation in this? Isn’t God everywhere?! Come join us as we consider these words and see how they challenge and comfort us at the same time.

Scripture References: Deuteronomy 4:32-40, Matthew 6:9-13, Isaiah 66:1-2

From Series: "The Lord's Prayer"

The Lord's prayer, while reflecting how Jesus prayer, is really a guide on how we should pray. The motivation for prayer and what we should pray about are clearly explained but there are depths to this prayer that need to be sounded out. Follow this series closely and God will teach you many precious lessons.

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