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Peter Jansen - August 11, 2019

By What Right?

By What Right?

This morning Peter Jansen will preach from Exodus 19:17-20:2 on the theme, "By What Right?" In the introduction to the Ten Commandments God indicates His right to command us. We don’t like it and by nature resist, but God declares His ultimate authority when He says, “I am the Lord your God!” Those simple, yet forcible words, tell us that He is the Covenant and Creator God and we, His creatures and people. Therefore it is His right to command and our duty to obey.

Scripture References: Exodus 19:17-24, Exodus 20:1-2

From Series: "The Ten Commandments"

Are the ten commandments relevant to modern day life. In this series we will discover how fundamental they are to moral, successful, societal living. Without their foundation chaos will ensue.

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