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André Schwartz - October 20, 2019

Where’s Your treasure?

Where’s Your treasure?

This morning Pr André will preach from Exodus 20:15 on “Where’s Your treasure?” Where we lived in South Africa, many of the indigenous people believe that if you’re not caught taking something then it’s not stealing. I wonder if many of us aren't actually living by the same principle?! After the "roasting" we got from the earlier commandments we may feel that "You shall not steal" gives us a bit of a breather. But I wonder? Let’s see what God’s Word really has to say about this.

Scripture References: Exodus 20:15, Matthew 6:18-21, Malachi 3:8-10

From Series: "The Ten Commandments"

Are the ten commandments relevant to modern day life. In this series we will discover how fundamental they are to moral, successful, societal living. Without their foundation chaos will ensue.

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