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André Schwartz - November 17, 2019

Get Out There!

Get Out There!

This morning Pr André will preach from Acts 1 on the theme, “Get Out There!” If we could summarize our church’s task in three words, I think it would be “Teach, Reach, Care.” On our journey through the book of Acts, beginning Sunday, we'll discover that that's what the early Church was all about. Our risen Lord kick-started the process when he told the 120 odd men that the Holy Spirit would impel and empower them to get out there and reach the lost. What's He saying to us?

Scripture References: Acts 1:1-26

From Series: "Acts"

Accompanying the Spirit of God as he uses ordinary people, under His leading and encouragement, to spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

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