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André Schwartz - October 27, 2019

Oh, no! The Ark is lost!

Oh, no! The Ark is lost!

This evening Pastor Andre will preach from 1 Samuel 3 - 8 on the theme, “Oh, no! The Ark is lost!” Do you have a good-luck-charm (talisman)? Maybe something like a rabbit’s foot or even a cross around your neck? I hope not! You see, there's no guarantee of luck or God's blessing in an object, not even the Ark of the Covenant! So is there any guarantee? Come along this Sunday evening and let’s learn from this millennia-old story in Samuel what God really wants for us to experience His presence and blessing.

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 3:1-21

From Series: "Books of Samuel"

The rise and expansion of the Davidic Kingdom will teach us many lessons. Saul, David and the prophets who accompanied their story will enrich us as we see God working out HIs purposes.

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