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André Schwartz - November 10, 2019

So where does grace fit in?

So where does grace fit in?

This morning Pr André will preach on the theme, “So where does grace fit in?”, expounded from Romans 7:13-25. We have worked through the Ten Commandments for quite a few months now, and some may ask the excellent question: “What about grace?”. But it is a great fallacy to suggest, as many do, that the Law and Grace are some how, in some way, opposite. Please reflect on this with us on Sunday as we finish the series on the Ten Commandments.

Scripture References: Romans 7:13-25

From Series: "The Ten Commandments"

Are the ten commandments relevant to modern day life. In this series we will discover how fundamental they are to moral, successful, societal living. Without their foundation chaos will ensue.

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