Lucinda’s News – July 2019

Lucinda and ChildDear Everyone,

First Activities

I have had a busy time since arriving back in Timor. The first weekend back I went to Weberek with Moyses, Josie & Anarela, a young Timorese Christian woman working with us. Josete, a former YWAM missionary who served in YWAM with me till 2007, returned to Timor to start work with some other Christians in 2017 and has also been helping us in Weberek Friday to Sunday each fortnight.

Please keep Fransisku in your prayers. The Lord has raised Fransisku up to replace Marcus in leading the house-church gatherings in Weberek. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom for Fransisku to know the bible and preach God’s word under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Children Multiplying

On Saturday we had 140 children at the children’s program. Jono & Liz and their four children went to Weberek also. Liz was one of the first missionaries in Weberek when the mission began in 2002. She met her husband in Timor when he came with a team from the Albury area. Jono and Liz married in 2004 then left Timor in 2006 to live and work on Jono’s family’s farm.

Toyota Issues

The fuel filter light came on in the Hilux on the trip to Weberek with a message saying that the filter needed changing. I will take the vehicle to Toyota after I have it washed. The catch on the back has been playing up a lot. Moyses took it to Toyota to have it looked at. Not sure what they did. They charged $20 for the job but we are still having hassles with it opening. I will get them to look at that also.

A New Job

I have started doing some volunteer work at a Women’s girls shelter run by Christians. The director of Casa Vida, Sujana worked with me for a few months in Weberek in 2004 and we did the YWAM Discipleship Training School together in 2005. The Peakhill team were here in Timor from 26 June to 08 July. So far, even though I don’t have a full-time coworker at present, God is faithfully providing a continuous flow of people to go to Weberek with. Jono, Liz & family haven’t been back to visit Weberek since 2009 so there are lots of changes for them to see in Timor.

Yours in Him,