John Rowses’ Moses Speaks Over Radio

The Word is Getting Out

I spoke to Moses on WhatsApp yesterday. He is VERY excited over the feedback he’s been getting from listeners over a very wide area, including a Pentecostal pastor in Mungwi, ITMN, whom he had known and tried to help some years ago. He had taken over as pastor there from Steven Bwalya, with whom we had both worked. But now he has really got it and called Moses, very fired-up: “This is what we need to be telling people!”

But most precious of all, a girl called him to thank him, and say that after hearing him, she decided not to do what she had planned to do – kill herself.

Silent Pastors – A Change

There has been a deafening silence from pastors, apart from the one I mentioned. Moses said that if he’d been discussing how to get God to give you big money, they would have been calling in in big numbers. But many people called in, and almost all of them were right onside with Moses’ teaching – very surprized but very warm to it. So please pray now that they will start stirring up their own pastors to teach the Scriptures as Moses does. People were calling in thrilled to hear a gospel of love, and not the usual message of condemnation.

Presenting Grace to a Presenter

Moses, on-air this week, and afterwards with another radio presenter, got right down to the nuts and bolts of justification by means of faith alone. If you saw the copy of the notes I sent him, and the little section on James 2, Moses was recounting to me his words for explaining this, and it was great. The presenter, himself, did an about-turn.

COVID-19 Spreading

After a long lull, for some reason, COVID-19 is now spreading seriously in Zambia. Masks are compulsory outside all over the country. Moses’ church and many others meet using WhatsApp groups. Pray for him and his family and church; he seems well-versed in social distancing and other protective measures.

And pray especially this depressed girl who called Moses.

Thanks for your precious praying!