Stewart Family – Typhoon Prayer Request

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

We’re Safe

Our thanks to those who have asked us about our safety due to the strong Typhoon No. 19 that recently hit Japan. Osaka suffered no damage but eastern Japan was severely affected. About 60 people have been confirmed dead and about 14 people are missing. Many rivers burst and flooded the surrounding areas. Please pray for those families who lost their loved ones and houses. Please also pray for quick recovery.

We are grateful that no reports have reached us of Presbyterian churches being affected by the storm. Please pray that Christians will be enabled to help others and bear witness to Christ.

Barbecue Outreach

A barbecue outreach event will be held by Osaka Presbyterian on Tuesday the 22nd of October in a park south of the city. Tomoko’s mother, two aunts and some other non-Christians are intending to join us. Please pray for a time of enjoyment that strengthens friendships and opens paths for the gospel.

Yours in Christ,

(for the Stewart Family)