Commission of Assembly Communique re PCQ Review-1.2.21

At the PCQ Assembly in 2020, a review of the current ministry of the PCQ was approved. The review is to take place in the first half of 2021 with a report being presented to the Assembly in June 2021. The scope of the review was shaped by a Think Tank of ministers that met in July 2020 at the invitation of the Commission and their recommendations were adopted by the Assembly of September 2020. It determines that all stakeholders in the denomination are to be canvassed by the review and that the review address PCQ’s mission, values, culture, identity, structure, code and processes.

It is the hope of the Commission that this comprehensive review will be a time for us as a denomination to seek God’s direction for our future, to unite in prayer for his wisdom and to speak and listen to one another with loving honesty. On behalf of the denomination we would like to invite all those who are part of the PCQ in any role, to actively follow the communication from the Review Working Group and participate where possible.

The Working Group is made up of Tim Dyer (external facilitator), Katie Allan, David Bailey, Kylie Evans, Bruce McClenahan, Andrew Nielson, Dave Thurston and Russell Williams, with Kathy Thurston assisting with administration.

A Review website has been established at which is where you will find more detailed information about the Review and regular communications about the progress of the Review. A closed Facebook Group has also been formed at and the Working Group invite all who are part of PCQ to interact with the review through these platforms. Please watch these spaces. Should anyone prefer to submit their response through the post, please address it to Katie Allan, C/O Queensland Theological College, 369 Boundary Street, Spring Hill Queensland 4000. The Review Working Group reserve the right to moderate all responses.

Over the next few months the following processes will be facilitated:

  • 4 discussion papers offering personal responses to the key questions of the review
    to be posted in order to invite interaction with the issues
  • Face to face Presbytery consultations throughout Queensland and SA (with Darwin
    being involved through North Queensland Presbytery)
  • Consultations with Committees via Zoom
  • Surveys of Sessions, Ministers and Ministry Workers

Please be praying personally and corporately for the Review process. We also request that Ministers and Sessions circulate this communication to their congregations.