Moderator’s Letter – Indigenous Ministries

APWM Letter

Indigenous Ministry Sunday: 11 July 2021

Dear Minister or Session Clerk,

With the permission of the 2019 General Assembly of Australia, APWM is asking you to set aside Sunday 11th July (or another nearby Sunday) to focus on prayer for, and support of, ministry among Indigenous Australians. We’re calling this day ‘Indigenous Ministry Sunday’.

On that Sunday we ask that you:

  1. Pray particularly for Indigenous ministry. We’ve provided some prayer points on the second page of this letter to guide you;
  2. Show in your services a 3.5-minute video about Indigenous Ministry, featuring one of our Presbyterian Ministers, Cliff Letcher, who has served with AIM (Australian Indigenous Ministries) for some decades. You can watch the video below.
  3. Hold a special collection for this ministry. This ministry lacks adequate specific financial support and so APWM has been meeting the shortfall from its General Funds. However, this is not a sustainable approach and so we ask for your help to maintain this important ministry.

We see this as a way of reminding the members of the Presbyterian Church that there are great spiritual needs among the Indigenous community. We hope that you will incorporate this as a regular event in your church calendar on the 2nd Sunday in July each year.

Funds can be sent by Direct Deposit as follows:
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Australian Presbyterian World Mission
BSB: 032 260
Account Number: 151207

Please include the word ‘Indigenous 2021’ in the reference field for the deposit, and send an email to with details of where to send a receipt for your Treasurer’s records. Alternatively, you can send a cheque to APWM, 1 Clarence Street, Burwood NSW 2134.

Thank you for your continued partnership in the gospel.

In Christ,

Kevin Murray
National Director
Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Prayer Points for Indigenous Ministry Sunday, 11th July 2021

We ask you to pray that:

  1. God would continue to raise up and develop leaders for the Indigenous Church and that they would be well trained for the challenges they face.
  2. That the Word of God would remain central in the life of the Indigenous Church.
  3. That God would send His Holy Spirit and that many young Indigenous people would come to a
    genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. That God would raise up workers for His harvest — Indigenous & Non-Indigenous.
  5. That through the gospel there would be true reconciliation between Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Australians.